Delta Flight Museum

Slideshow: Precise Detail Work Turns a 747 Into a Museum Experience

We get to do a lot of interesting projects at Sentry Roof but some of them are truly one of a kind. This year we roofed…a 747.

Well, technically we roofed the structures connected to a 747 but it was

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Why Is It Better To Use 80 KSI Steel Roof Decking?

Ask The Expert Q&A: Why Use Stronger 80 KSI or Grade E Steel for Roof Decking?

Sentry Roof thinks it should be standard practice to use Grade E steel for roof decking, more recently referred to as 80 KSI, instead of standard Grade C steel for new construction projects. It delivers on two fronts —  it’s

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Can You Name This Building? Oxford College

Can You Name This Building? (We roofed it!) Hint: New Buildings and New Roofs on an 181-Year-Old Campus

Can You Name This Building? Oxford CollegeNewly constructed, beautiful, sustainable, and enough space to sleep 350 — this college campus housing complex is located 40 miles east of Atlanta, just outside of Covington, GA. Sentry Roof worked in coordination with dozens of other specialty trades to

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Can You Name This Building? (We roofed it!) Hint: It’s Curvy and Often the “Centre” of Attention

Can You Name This Building CentreMaybe you’ve been to an event in the building on the right? Or maybe you’ve run into a mayor in the building on the left?

It’s a complex that’s located in the heart of the second most populated city in

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60-Second Case-City Plaza

60-second Case Study: City Plaza, Downtown Atlanta

Not only was this five-story property groundbreaking for locating its live-work-play concept right across the street from City Hall, it had a tight deadline, complicated logistics and happened to have been constructed during a particularly disagreeable winter. But City

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Roof drainage

Is Your Roof Drainage System Protecting Your Building? 4 Things To Know

A properly installed commercial roof always features an efficient drainage system that quickly moves water away from the roof surface and into drains or gutters. Even if other elements of your roof may be performing well, an inefficient drainage system …

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Can You Name This Building? (We roofed it!) Hint: It’s LEED-certified and near downtown Atlanta.

NTB01-S-Shadow (Spelman)

Sometimes you get to work on a building that is constructed from the ground up with the environment in mind — these are often our favorite buildings to work on.

Buildings that are LEED certified have met a combination of …

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