Infographic: Do Not Disturb-Featured

Infographic: Do Not Disturb! 7 Ways To Make Your Next Re-roofing Project Less Annoying

Just because your property needs a new roof, it doesn’t mean…
60-Second Case-HJAIA

60-second Case Study: Wind Uplift Control for Atlanta Control Tower

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HJAIA North Parking Office

Slideshow: Solving Roof Leak, Drainage and Penetration Problems All at the Same Time

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How Many Walk Pads On Your Commercial Roof Are Enough?

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What Is A Roof Tear Off and When Do You Need It?

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Can You Name This Building? (We roofed it!) Hint: It’s Near the Fox Theatre

When this 1952 historic Midtown Atlanta building was renovated…

How To Reduce Disturbances During the Re-Roofing Process

No matter how it’s designed and installed, every commercial…
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Can You Name This Building? (We roofed it!) Hint: The roof does more than keep out water.

It’s not every day you install a roof that will have some sections…