Summer Storm Watch

summer-stormWith the spring season in full bloom and summer fast approaching, it is time to consider what the summer storms may bring for your roof.  The roof of your building is taking all of
the abuse from Mother Nature and needs professional maintenance to prolong the life and minimize expenses.

It is important to inspect your roof immediately after a storm to see if any damage has occurred. This may help stop further damage from reaching your interior. Hail, high winds, lightning, downpour rain, falling trees, or tornados can all be the cause of storm damage.

Damages could include bubbles in the roofing system, standing water, damaged gutters, missing shingles, split seams, misplaced sections, or interior water leaks from a hole or crack in the roof. Sometimes a roof may have already had a hole or become loose before the storm, but without a maintenance plan it can be overlooked until leaks become visible.

Whatever the cause of the damage, Sentry Roof Services can perform an evaluation to see what repairs may be needed to eliminate future damage. Take precautions with summer storms and let the professionals help.

For more information about Sentry Roof Services, visit or call 678.301.5555.

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