Is Your Roofing Contractor a Fire Hazard?

roof-fireThere are still roofers using open flames or “torches” to make repairs.  Technological and method advancements including improvements in adhesives and the development of “hot air welded” systems have made the torch obsolete, dangerous, and totally unnecessary today.  Some of you may have read about the tragic loss of an Atlanta family’s historic 1926 Buckhead home that recently burned in entirety. The fire originated on the roof and the owner reported that he had a handyman fixing a leak and caused a small fire on the roof.

How safe is your home or business from a fire hazard? Do you trust the service team working on your structure? In this case, the fire possibly began due to the handyman fixing the leak with torch applied roofing. This type of roofing consists of layers of modified bitumen (asphalt product) that is adhered and made waterproof to the substrate with an open flame torch. With any fire-related work, the danger for a mistake can be high and may result in a disaster.

Even with NRCA certified technicians to apply torch-down roofing, the chance of destruction is still there. It is because of this danger and the safety factor that Sentry Roof Services stopped installing torch applied roofing many years ago. Our company no longer even owns a torch. The safety of our employees and our customers’ property are too valuable.

There are alternatives to torch down roofing without the fire hazard. Different applications methods for modified bitumen products or other roofing systems, such as TPO and PVC, are available for flat or low slope roofs. You can even make your roof environmentally friendly with a green roof. Keep your home or business safe by selecting a trust-worthy roofing company.

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