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Infographic: Two Types of Commercial Roof Leak Repair Services

installer-v-leak-specialistInstaller versus leak specialist — which should you choose when it’s time to fix your roof leak? There’s a big difference.

Here’s an infographic that describes how each type of contractor typically approaches fixing a roof leak.

Sure, you expect

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Anatomy of a Metal Roof Repair Sentry

Anatomy of a Metal Roof Leak Repair

Sentry Roof got a call about a leak at a condominium complex in Cobb County. Moisture was making its way into a first-floor apartment along the floor line of an exterior wall — it appeared the apron-style metal roof was …

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To Be a Leak Detective, You Need To Think Like a Drip!

If you were a drop of water, where would you go? That’s exactly how our technicians have to think to figure out where a leak is coming from. Sometimes it’s a challenge — leaks rarely follow a straight-line.

To think

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Seasonal Roof Repairs Prevent the Hostile Effects of Freezing

In the Atlanta area, snow is not that common but temperatures do often dip to below freezing overnight — and sometimes stay there for a while. Amplified moisture in the winter months is hard on any roofing system, so inspections …

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