HJAIA North Parking Office

Slideshow: Solving Roof Leak, Drainage and Penetration Problems All at the Same Time

One of the best parts of being in the commercial roofing industry is being able to solve big problems. Even on small properties. Here’s a slideshow of a small yet interesting project we just completed for the Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International

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Commercial Roofing Insulation: The Good, the Bad and the (Mildly) Ugly

The type of insulation a commercial roof system contains is an essential part of the system’s performance. Because roof coverings can become quite hot in summer and cold in winter, insulation is needed to help a building’s climate control system …

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HJAIA-Sentry Roof Repurpose Insulation

Diverting From Landfill: Sentry Repurposes Up To 1 Million Square Feet of Insulation

While working with the world’s busiest airport to replace a failing roof on one of its concourses, we’ve been facing an enormous challenge — what to do with all of the insulation we’re removing?

We’re taking the concourse down to

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