How To Compare Commercial Re-roofing Proposals — 7 Key Factors

If it’s time to replace your commercial roof, you have a big decision to make — who will do the work? When it comes down to deciding between two or more bids, there’s a lot more to look at than

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Sentry Wins Two Firestone Awards: 2018 Master Contractor and 2018 Inner Circle of Quality

Sentry Roof Services is proud to have received two prestigious recognition awards from Firestone for the second year in a row.

The first is the 2018 Silver Master Contractor Award that’s presented to the top 5% of Firestone Building Products

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Sentry Roof Guide: Warranties

Sentry Roof Reports: Guide to Commercial Roof Warranties

Sentry Roof Reports: Guide to Commercial Roof Warranties-insetIf mother nature has you thinking more about the warranties on your property these days, you’re not alone. This is a good time to take an inventory of all your various warranties related to your property and see where you

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Roofing Contractor Services: How To Find the Right Professional

(This post has been updated since it was originally published on 11/05/15.)

If you’re a property manager, building owner, facilities director or someone else who’s responsible for a commercial building, you know the relationships that you develop with your service

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Roof Management Services: 6 Ways Preventative Maintenance Extends The Life of Your Roof

(This post has been updated since it was originally published on 3/16/16.)

If you want your commercial roof to last a long time, take good care of it!

The elements in Georgia — especially sun, rain and wind — take …

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negotiating position

7 Ways A Commercial Roof Inspection Can Strengthen Your Negotiating Position

If you’re considering buying a commercial or industrial property, you need to inspect the roofing system as part of your due diligence — the roof is a key part of your investment. You need to know about the condition of …

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Roof Repair Experts

Roof Repair Experts: 3 Ways Partnership Beats Quick Fixes

(This post has been updated since it was originally published on 2/16/16.)

Your roofing system is a critical component of your commercial property — you need it to perform well so it protects your property and everything in it. So

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Sentry Roof Gallery Page

Sentry Roof Gallery Presents 6 Landmark Commercial Roofing Projects

If you haven’t seen the new Gallery section of our website yet, you can take a quick look here.

The Featured Projects section includes profiles of some of the most interesting properties we’ve worked on, including Solace on Peachtree

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Sentry Is Growing!

And as we grow, we’re using the most innovative tech tools to streamline our processes.

We’ve liked to use innovative technology to improve the way we deliver services since we first started doing business in 1982. From digital pagers, push-to-talk …

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Commercial Roof Thermal Imaging In Action

Commercial-Roof-Thermal-ImageHave you ever seen the device in this photo?

This is a thermal imaging camera.

Here, a trained Sentry Roof technician is using the camera to locate moisture in a roof that’s scheduled for replacement. The purpose is to identify …

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