Top 10 Blog Posts 2017

Top 10 Sentry Roof Blog Posts In 2017

The commercial roofing blog posts that get the most interest may surprise you.

Our posts at Sentry Roof run the gamut from technical information about roofing processes to advice about roof asset management to punchy infographics about all things roofing.

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35 Anniversary Sentry Roof Services

Sentry Roof Services Celebrates 35 Years in Business!

Sentry Roof in 1982

My father, Bill Lomel Sr., and my uncle, Donny Brown, when they founded our company in 1982.

It’s hard to believe that it’s been 35 years since my family started Sentry Roof Services.

The company wasn’t named Sentry Roof Services

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Sentry Roof Guide: Warranties

Sentry Roof Reports: Guide to Commercial Roof Warranties

Sentry Roof Reports: Guide to Commercial Roof Warranties-insetIf mother nature has you thinking more about the warranties on your property these days, you’re not alone. This is a good time to take an inventory of all your various warranties related to your property and see where you

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Hurricane preparedness

How To Prepare Your Commercial Roof for Hurricanes and Other Major Storms

We still have two more months of hurricane season to go this year so don’t let your guard down just yet.

While it’s not likely we’ll get another Irma this season, metro Atlanta is no stranger to severe storms. No

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Infographic: 6 Roof Inspection Qs

Infographic: Commercial Roof Inspection Questions

Sentry Infographic: 6 Roof Inspection QuestionsWhen it comes to buying or selling a property, the roof plays a major role in the financial negotiations. Yet there’s more to it than simply knowing the type of roof and how much warranty coverage remains.

A commercial roof

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PVC Commercial Roof Cleaning

Why and How To Clean a PVC Commercial Roof

Cleaning a PVC membrane on a commercial roofing system provides a lot of benefits. But how do you clean a roof? How often should you have it done? And what should you do to avoid damaging the membrane, roofing system

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Focus Four at Sentry Roof

Commercial Roof Safety Training: Focus Four and a Whole Lot More

Do you ever think about all the things that can go wrong while working on a commercial roofing job site? We sure do! Falling off the roof is probably the first thing that comes to mind if you’re not in …

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Roof Management Services: 6 Ways Preventative Maintenance Extends The Life of Your Roof

(This post has been updated since it was originally published on 3/16/16.)

If you want your commercial roof to last a long time, take good care of it!

The elements in Georgia — especially sun, rain and wind — take …

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