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Sentry Roof Reports: Guide to Commercial Roofing Systems — Pros and Cons

Guide To Commercial Roofing Systems: Pros and ConsWhat type of commercial roofing system should you install on your property when it’s time to re-roof? 

Start by knowing the pros and cons of today’s most popular options. This guide gives you an overview of eight different systems:


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Ask The Expert Q&A: What To Ask About Fire Ratings and Codes When Re-roofing

Commercial roofing systems must meet or exceed building codes and insurance requirements. Sometimes roofing assemblies are part of the fire-rated assembly for the building, and sometimes they’re not. So when it’s time to re-roof your property, your roofing contractor needs

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Ask The Expert Q&A: How Have Commercial Roofing Materials Evolved to Make Reuse and Repurposing Easier?

Sentry Roof has been committed to a sustainable design mindset for decades — it’s what’s best for clients and for the environment. Over time, commercial roofing materials and installation techniques have improved, making it even easier to reuse and repurpose

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Safety Equipment

Commercial Roofing Safety Equipment: From Basic Protection to the Latest OSHA Requirements

Did you know that in 2016 the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) statistics documented an average of 12 fatal injuries each day on the job in the U.S. — a total of 4,685 deaths? Of these, 937 fatalities were

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Sentry Wins Two Awards from Firestone: 2017 Master Contractor and 2017 Inner Circle of Quality

Master Contractor Inner CIRCLE AwardSentry is proud to have received two of the commercial roofing industry’s most distinguished honors: the 2017 Silver Master Contractor Award and the 2017 Inner Circle of Quality Award from Firestone Building Products.

2017 Silver Master Contractor Award

The annual

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What Is A Roof Tear Off and When Do You Need It?

When do you need to tear off your existing commercial roof and start fresh — and when can you just roof right on top of the one that’s already there?

Often, roofing contractors can install a new roof on top

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Commercial Roofing Insulation: The Good, the Bad and the (Mildly) Ugly

The type of insulation a commercial roof system contains is an essential part of the system’s performance. Because roof coverings can become quite hot in summer and cold in winter, insulation is needed to help a building’s climate control system …

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