GMA logoThank you for stopping by our booth at the GMA 2017 Summit

As a fellow Georgia Manufacturing Alliance member, we are glad to be a sponsor and participant in this year’s summit — we hope you’re enjoying the program.

We are inviting GMA members and summit attendees to schedule a complimentary roof evaluation. Sentry Roof believes your roof is an asset that should be managed like your other business assets, so we are extending this invitation so you can learn more about your roof from our experienced team.

There is no obligation and you will not receive a sales pitch. That’s not the way we do business. Instead, we’ll email you a summary report of our findings (with photos) and you can choose to take it from there.

Please use the form to request your evaluation, and, if you’re interested, download our Warranties Guide or check out some blog posts by our leadership team (below).

Can You Name This Building Centre Original
Bass Lofts Sentry Roof
Yerkes Primate Center
Solace on Peachtree

Useful content from our leadership team

Please also feel free to download our Warranties Guide and click around our website and blog

As a GMA member, you might find these blog posts especially useful:

We look forward to talking to you again!

Please don’t hesitate to call Rick Langheim at 678-429-7650 or any of us here at Sentry Roof Services if you have any questions. Our goal is to partner you to:

  1. Ensure your roof performs better
  2. Reduce risk
  3. Manage costs
  4. Complete repairs, maintenance and re-roofing according to a strategic plan
  5. Meet the short- and long-term needs of your property

Thanks again for visiting our website and if you signed up to schedule a free evaluation, we will see you soon.