Bill Lomel

Bill Lomel

President, Sentry Roof Services, LLC

Bill Lomel grew up working with his family in its commercial re-roofing service business but initially had no interest in staying involved. Instead, after earning his MBA from Georgia State University, he worked as a financial and operations analyst for the manufacturing industry. From there he worked in strategic planning with an international conglomerate where he specialized in integrating acquisitions and turning around underperforming companies in the conglomerate’s portfolio.

In 1994, a few years after starting a family, traveling so frequently for work became a burden and Bill got involved in the family business again with his father and uncle. Bill worked with them and other family members and partners over the years and is now the sole owner of Sentry Roof Services, LLC.

When construction was slow, after 2008, Bill didn’t hesitate to try his hand in a variety of new efforts that reflected his passion for travel and things epicurean, from importing bananas and pineapples to sourcing a supply line of specialty coffee. By 2012 he was developing an espresso machine for a French appliance maker.  The time spent working in Europe and South America o these project was life-changing for the Georgia native and many fond friendships and memories remain. Plus, he has an interesting story about almost any type of business.

For the past several years, Bill has returned to focusing 100% of his business efforts on Sentry. He helps drive the business to be an industry leader in quality, safety, and sustainability, and is developing the next generation of management-team members to successfully run the business long after he steps back from his current leadership role.

The Sentry team reflects not only Bill’s vision of personal responsibility and social responsibility, but also the value of always putting the best interests of the customers first whenever making a recommendation regarding repairing, maintaining, or installing a roof.  There is a lot of freedom given to Sentry employees for taking initiatives but giving bad advice for short term gain is unacceptable.

Bill feels winning the contract and completing the $12 million project to reroof Concourse E at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport has been his greatest professional accomplishment to date. It required him to draw on his education and all of his career experience in business development, sales, estimating, logistics, and financing.

With three grown children, Bill and his wife Yara Parada reside in Johns Creek, GA and are raising their son, William, who is currently a very active toddler that brings them more than their share of joy. He continues to love to travel and enjoys gardening, cooking, music, and most types of sports and physical exercise. Eating healthy is also a priority, and he’s known to have an occasional glass of Côtes de Provence in the summer or Kentucky Bourbon in the winter. And he enjoys delicious imported espresso all year long.