Infographic: Leak Detective

Infographic: How To Be a Good Roof Leak Detective

Infographic: Leak DetectiveDiscovering the source of a commercial roof leak can be tricky — where water enters a roofing system and where it shows up inside the building is rarely a straight line.

Here’s an infographic that describes the two types of

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Infographic leak-specialist

Infographic: Two Types of Commercial Roof Leak Repair Services

installer-v-leak-specialistInstaller versus leak specialist — which should you choose when it’s time to fix your roof leak? There’s a big difference.

Here’s an infographic that describes how each type of contractor typically approaches fixing a roof leak.

Sure, you expect

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infographic 4 kinds of roof leaks

Infographic: 4 Kinds of Roof Leaks You Can Prevent With Maintenance

4 KINDS OF LEAKSWho wants roof leaks? Not you!

Here’s an infographic that describes the most common leaks your commercial roof can experience.

But you can avoid these kinds of roof leaks. Have a professional inspect and maintain your roof. Most commercial …

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To Be a Leak Detective, You Need To Think Like a Drip!

If you were a drop of water, where would you go? That’s exactly how our technicians have to think to figure out where a leak is coming from. Sometimes it’s a challenge — leaks rarely follow a straight-line.

To think

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