35 Years Already? Sentry Roof

35 Years Already? 5 Changes In Commercial Roofing Since My Family Founded Sentry Roof in 1982

My family started Sentry Roof Services in 1982. I was the first employee. Back then we were called Decatur Roofing. In the late 1980s we divided the company in two and then in the early 2000s we joined forces again.

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Sentry growth

Growth Sparks Growth: Sentry Roof Welcomes Our New Staff and Opportunities

One of the most interesting things about the way Atlanta-based businesses have been growing lately is how their evolution impacts the companies they partner with. We’ve definitely seen it impact our company.

For decades, Sentry Roof Services has run a

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worker on commercial roof

How Many Walk Pads On Your Commercial Roof Are Enough?

Walk pads are placed on top of the roof membrane to protect the membrane from punctures caused by people walking or working on your roof when they service equipment (like HVAC units) or for other reasons. The pads are made

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Sentry Is Growing!

And as we grow, we’re using the most innovative tech tools to streamline our processes.

We’ve liked to use innovative technology to improve the way we deliver services since we first started doing business in 1982. From digital pagers, push-to-talk …

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Can You Name This Building? (We roofed it!) Hint: It’s Curvy and Often the “Centre” of Attention

Can You Name This Building CentreMaybe you’ve been to an event in the building on the right? Or maybe you’ve run into a mayor in the building on the left?

It’s a complex that’s located in the heart of the second most populated city in

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